32nd ISO International Seminar 2023

Our Chair for this year’s seminar is known to a great many of you: Mr Pedro Robério de Melo Nogueira, President of SINDAÇÚCAR in Alagoas and Vice President of Brazil’s National Confederation of Industries (CNI) which is the main representative of the Brazilian industry and the highest body of the industry trade union system which, since its foundation in 1938, has striven to defend the interests of the national industry.  Mr Nogueira brings with him many years of experience in the “sucro-energy” sector and has been a leader in the movement towards biofuels and diversification. With his vast expertise on ‘all things sugar’ he will undoubtedly be a valuable asset for the success of this year’s seminar.

Interpretation will be available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Click here for more details :- https://www.isosugar.org/event/48/32nd-iso-international-seminar-2023

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