Uttar Pradesh to get new sugar mill in 2023-24 season

Uttar Pradesh will get a new sugar mill in the 2023-24 season, reported Live Hindustan.

The new mill, owned by Bindal Group, is located in the Chandpur area of Bijnor district. It can crush 1,000 tonnes of sugarcane per day.

Notably, the private sector has not witnessed the opening of new sugar mills in the state in recent years. During the 2016-17 sugarcane crushing season, 116 sugar mills were operating in the state. At that time, during the tenure of the Samajwadi Party government, a new cooperative sector mill was initiated in Sathiyawan in Azamgarh.

Subsequently, during the tenure of the BJP government and under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, efforts to rejuvenate and enhance the capacity of existing sugar mills in Pipraich and Munderwa in Purvanchal led to the reopening of these mills.

Preparations for the upcoming sugarcane crushing season are progressing swiftly in the state. According to information, sugarcane crushing is expected to commence either by the end of October or the beginning of November this year.

The state government is also considering increasing the state advisory price of sugarcane by Rs 25 per quintal. The current advisory price is Rs 340 per quintal for normal variety and Rs 350 per quintal for early variety.

The new mill and the increase in the advisory price are expected to benefit sugarcane farmers in the state.


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