6th International Conference on Agriculture for Sustainable Development

Agri Vision-2024

Developing sustainable food systems is directly linked with the sustainability of human civilization. In the current global dynamic environment while the population is growing rapidly the need for food and sustainable method of agriculture is the need of the hour to meet future needs. Sustainable agriculture provides a potential solution to enable agricultural systems to feed a growing population within the changing environmental conditions. Globally, climate change is one of the major concerns of the hour as it is impacting food security and the global economy directly. Hence, the best way to mitigate climate change is to create sustainable food systems based on sustainable agriculture. Climate-smart agriculture including empowering farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices is highly necessary.

The sessions of the Agri Vision 2024 Conference will discuss various sustainable methods to combat climate change and adopt new technologies or methodologies to enhance agricultural production and empower farmers through agri-entrepreneurship. Sessions will address how agri income can be enhanced using modern tools and technologies and educate the farmers for a self-sustainable society. Agri Vision will cover all segments of Agriculture ranging from Plant Science, Agriculture & Horticulture, Animal Science & Dairy, Fisheries & Aquaculture including Agri-Business, Renewable energy from Agri waste, and Agri economy and policies, etc. Climate Resilient Agriculture involves sustainable agricultural practices that enhance food productivity, mitigate risks, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By adopting climate-resilient agriculture, farmers can ensure food security for the nation in the face of extreme weather events and climate change.

Agri Vision-2024 will cover the key sectors of Agriculture and discuss various issues and challenges of the modern Agri System and how to solve them using omics technologies, and new technological tools, and proceed toward smarter Agriculture. This Agri Vision-2024 Conference calls for proposals from all the Agricultural Industry and Academic stakeholders. This Agri Vision-2024 is the best platform to discuss the new innovations & strategies that will enhance the livelihood of farmers and promote Agri Entrepreneurship. This International Conference on Agriculture will offer the ideal platform to meet & network with global experts in the Agricultural sectors to promote collaborative research and explore new business opportunities.

We have successfully Organized Agri Vision-2018 at Puri, Agri Vision-2020 and Agri Vision-2021 at ILS, Bhubaneswar followed by Agri Vision-2022 at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, and Agri Vision- 2023 at Centurion University, Bhubaneswar recently.

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