World Ethanol & Biofuels 2024

The global marketplace

As the world advances towards a lower-carbon, energy independent future, we look at the future of biofuels as a cost effective solution in delivering greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions now. Taking place against a backdrop of policy changes in a number of key regions including the EU and the US, we focus on how the industry can tackle climate change within a stable forward-thinking regulatory framework.

Get the latest updates and find out what these developments will mean for the ethanol and biofuels industries.

Advanced Biofuels and new frontiers for biofuels

Discuss the policies, commercialisation strategies, feedstock supply and technical solutions needed to bring advanced biofuels production to scale. Also hear fresh perspectives on the role of renewable diesel, alcohol-to-jet, MSW fuel and synthetic fuels for meeting decarbonisation challenges in shipping and aviation.

Find out all about feedstock supplies for decarbonising and the huge opportunity the aviation and maritime industry offer to the biofuels sector.

The green transition and net-zero ambitions as a catalyst for innovation

What’s new! The biorefinery revolution is under way, with producers cutting their carbon emissions and getting the best value out of their plant by producing feed, food, renewable chemicals and energy.

Find out how technology is shaping the future of the biorefinery.

Network with the global industry

400+ people, 50+ countries. 25 years in the making.

Meet everyone you need to meet, get insights, set-up meetings and do business.

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