The India Sugar & Bio-energy Conference 2024

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of The India Sugar & Bio-energy Conference, September 2024.

At the India Sugar & Bio-energy Conference, our mission is to foster dialogue, innovation, and collaboration within the sugar and bio-energy sectors to drive sustainable growth and development. We are committed to promoting environmental stewardship, economic viability, and social responsibility as we navigate India’s path to a green economy.

Our theme, “Harmonising Sweet Sustainability: Navigating India’s Path to a Green Economy,” sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Delve into engaging sessions and thought-provoking discussions covering the spectrum of sugar production, bio-energy innovation, and sustainable agriculture.

The India Sugar & Bio-energy Conference is organised by the Indian Sugar & Bio-energy Manufacturers Association (ISMA), in collaboration with the Government of India (GOI) and the International Sugar Organisation (ISO). Together, we bring together industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders to discuss key challenges and opportunities facing the sugar and bio-energy industries.

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