September 21, 2023
India on the path of self-sufficiency and global impact. It was aptly captured in an article that the Indian sugar industry is on the cusp of a mega transformation. The government’s initiative to tie this sector with the need for...
International Exhibition on Biofuel Manufacturing Process & Technology, Plant Machinery & Equipment’s, and Allied Industries on 05-07 June 2023 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India Biofuel Expo 2023 International Exhibition focus on Biofuel (Bio diesel, Ethanol, Biogas, Hydrogen) Manufacturers, Biofuel...
Govt of India has mandated a joint Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) – SIAM Ethanol Awareness Campaign for Promotion of Ethanol as Transportation Fuel. India’s ethanol blending Programme is being monitored at the highest level of Government and PMO is...
September 21, 2022
Since 2018, India has very rapidly implemented measures aimed at increasing production and use of ethanol as fuel. In early 2018, the Government of India (GoI) authorized production of ethanol from B-molasses (also known in some countries as rich-molasses, for...
SEIC 2023 event banner
January 7, 2023
At Sugar & Ethanol India Conference (SEIC) 2023, leading domestic & global industry experts will discuss growth and risk mitigation strategies in building a more innovative & sustainable Sugar & Ethanol sector.