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Our Products provides an array of information right from Worldwide News, Interviews, Information about Sugar, Public Poll on Govt. Policies, Government Notifications, Sugar Directory, NCDEX Information, Historical Statistics, Sugar Prices, Markets, Sugar Tender Reports, Monthly Release Orders with a Search Option enabled, Trending Videos, Information on upcoming Conference, Events & Useful Links.

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ChiniMandi sugar news android app aggregates all the News & Information about the Sugar Industry in four languages. The App provides Custom Alert Settings. ChiniMandi is always committed to the best ways to deliver exclusive latest sugar industry news, information and interviews from India and around the world.

Chinimandi Android App

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ChiniMandi sugar news iOS app delivers all the News & Updates about the Sugar Industry in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. ChiniMandi is always committed towards the best ways to deliver important news and information without compromising the quality. Download the ChiniMandi sugar news iOs app on your iPhones and iPads to view the news from across the globe – Anywhere and Anytime.

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ChiniMandi News

We are officially registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India. The RNI Number is MAHMUL03651. ChiniMandi is a pioneer for the sugar industry in India holding its staunch & robust monopoly presence being a Sugar News & Informative Portal through the market.

ChiniMandi News Podcast

ChiniMandi Podcast

Voice technology is the future of the Digital & Tele communication Mode. With ChiniMandi’s aim to walk with innovation at the forefront, ChiniMandi Podcast is an audio web-based platform that provides content on the sugar industry which rolls in four different Indian languages, which is available in the news. i.e. English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

Chinimandi Podcast

ChiniMandi Calculator

ChiniMandi Calculator is an exclusive android app built for India & the Indian Sugar Industry. This app helps the user with everyday Mandi (market) calculations of Sugar trade. The two most important being Invoice calculations and Mills & Sale rate difference calculation. A fully functioned and free calculator which is available throughout all the android devices. The calculator functions in 4 languages i.e. English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati.

Chinimandi Android App

ChiniMandi Relax App

ChiniMandi Relax Android App allows you to relax on a click. As the Sugar industry is full of ups and down and comprises of hard work, competitive pressures, physical health and much more this app will make your mind and body relax and takes control of your emotional well-being. How you feel matters to us, if you’re experiencing stress, anxiety and crave for more restful sleep, this is the most appropriate tool for you.

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