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Our Products provides an array of information right from Worldwide News, Interviews, Information about Sugar, Government Notifications, Sugar Directory, NCDEX Information, Historical Statistics, Sugar Prices, Markets, Sugar Tender Reports, Monthly Release Orders with a Search Option enabled, Trending Videos, Information on upcoming Conference, Events & Useful Links.

Flagship Products is world’s largest News & Informative portal for the Sugar Industry. is largest podcast and spoken-word audio network in Indian Languages. Listen to 100% Original Audio content in English and Hindi.

ChiniMandi Podcast

ChiniMandi Podcast is audio news platform for Sugar industry. Listen to audio news in English and Hindi.

ChiniMandi Events

ChiniMandi Events is a worldwide platform for the sugar industry. Event organizers can promote their event on the platform.

ChiniMandi Store

ChiniMandi Store is a digital directory accessible containing all the details of stakeholders of the sugar industry in India.

ChiniMandi on Alexa

ChiniMandi Skill gives the information about the news, products and sugar industry updates.

ChiniMandi on Google Assistant

ChiniMandi Action on Google Assistant provides news and updates from sugar industry.

ChiniMandi Jobs is industry leading portal for all types of jobs in the sugar industry.

ChiniMandi Android App

ChiniMandi Android App gives information about the news, events and sugar industry updates for android devices.