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Guidelines to review export performance of sugar mills against MAEQ for export during Sugar Season 2019-20-reg. 03-01-20
ChiniMandi_Monthly_Sugar_Quota Of January 2020. 31-12-19
Maharashtra - Ban on Export of Molasses Till September 2020 27-12-19
Review of export performance against MAEQ for export during sugar season 2019-2020 16-12-19
ChiniMandi_Monthly_Sugar_Quota Of December 2019 29-11-19
Clarification regarding deemed export of sugar to be considered as a compliance of MAEQ Order dated 16.09.2019 for 2019-20 sugar season 03-12-19
Amendment in sugarcane control order, 1966 19-11-19
MIEQ Extension 11-11-19
ChiniMandi_Monthly _Sugar _ Quota Of November 2019 31-10-19
Monthly Release Quota Of October 2019 30-09-19
Indian Sugar Export Policy 2019-20 16-09-19
Gazette On Indian Sugar Export Policy 2019-20 12-09-19
Indian Sugar Export Policy 2019-20 12-09-19
Cabinet approves hike in ethanol prices for 2019-20 season 03-09-19
Monthly Release Quota Of September 2019 30-08-19
Scheme for Creation and Maintenance of Buffer Stock of 40 Lakh MT of sugar by the sugar mills in the country for one year with effect from 1st August, 2019. 01-08-19
August_2019_Sugar_Quota_Notification_on_ChiniMandi 31-07-19
Mill Wise Buffer Stock Allocation-26-07-2019 26-07-19
Scheme for extending soft loans to sugar mills-24-07-2019 24-07-19
Monthly Release Quota Of July 2019 28-06-19
List of 60 proposals approved by Approval Committee for enhancement & augementation of ethanol production capacity 20-05-2019 20-05-19
RBI notification on RTGS timings for customers 28-May-19 28-05-19
Monthly Release Quota Of June 2019 01-06-19
Monthly Release Order May 2019 01-05-19
Ministry of consumer Affairs,food & PD Deptt.of Food & Public Distribution.04-04-2019 04-04-19
Ministry of consumer Affairs,food & public distribution 29-03-2019 29-03-19
Monthly Release Order April 2019 25-03-19
Ethonol Bleding Petrol Notification 17 Jan 2019 17-03-19
Scheme for extending soft loans to mill-clarification-14.03.2019 14-03-19
Documents to be submitted in case of deemed export of sugar- compliance of MIEQ-14th March, 2019 14-03-19
Clarification reg- documents to be submitted by sugar mill at the time of submission of their claims 14-03-19
Scheme for extending soft loans to mill-amendment-13.03.2019-printed copy (2) 13-03-19
MPT circular dated 11th March, 2019 extending concessional rates for demurrage on export of sugar (1) 11-03-19
New scheme for sugar mills for ethanol production-8th march, 2019 08-03-19
Scheme for molasses based standalone distelleries-8th March, 2019 08-03-19
Scheme for extending soft loans to mill-02.03.2019-printed copy (2) 02-03-19
Scheme for extending soft loans to sugar mills 02-03-19
Monthly Release Order March 2019 28-02-19
The Gazette Of India Extraordinary Part-2 14-02-19
Notification on hike in Minimum Selling Price (MSP) 14-02-19
Gazette On Ethanol Blending 13-02-19
Monthly Release Quota of February Month 01-02-19
IBMA Clarification Regarding Deemed Export Of Sugar 18-01-19
Scheme for creation & maintenance of buffer stock of 30 Lakh MT of Sugar by the Sugar mills in the country of one year with effect from 1st July,2018. 31-12-18
Monthly Release Quota of January Month 28-12-18
Allocation of Sugar Factory Wise Minimum Indicative Export Quotas of Sugar for Export In Sugar Season 2018 - 2019 Under Tradable Export Script Schemes 24-12-18
Qty. Of Sugar Export & B-Hy Molasses Diverted For Ethanol Production 19-12-18
MPT Circular Regarding Concessional Demurrage 18-12-18
Monthly Release Order of December Month 30-11-18
Clarification In Respect Notification Dated 05 October 2018 - Scheme Defraying Expenditure Towards Internal Transport, Frieght, Handling, And Other Charges On Export. 20-11-18
Export Of Balance Quantity Of Minimum Indicative Export Quota (MIEQ) Allocated for Sugar Season 2017 - 18 19-11-18
Monthly Release Order Of November 2018 31-10-18
Allocating Mill Wise Minimum Indicative Export Quotas (MIEQ) of Sugar for Sugar Season 2018-19 12-10-18
Scheme For Extending Financial Assistance To Mills For Enhancement And Augmentation of Ethanol Production Capacity 11-10-18
Scheme For Assistance To Sugar Mills 05-10-18
Scheme For Defraying Expenditure Towards Internal Transport Frieght, Handling & Other Charges 05-10-18
Monthly Release Order of October 2018 28-09-18
Allocation of MIEQ For Sugar Season 28-09-18
Amendment (Extension Till 31st December, 2018) - Notification Section 7 of Adhar Act 27-09-18
Machanism for Measurement of B-HY Molasses 1 18-09-18
Incentives For Diversion of Sugar For Ethanol Production 18-09-18
Sugar Development Fund Rules 17-09-18
Food Safety And Standards Packaging And Labelling Regulations 2011 01-09-18
Monthly Release Order of September 2018. 31-08-18
Revision of Minimum Indicative Export Quotas(MIEQ) Policy. 23-08-18
Separate Bank Account For Assistance From The Government - Hindi. 16-08-18
Separate Bank Account For Assistance From The Government - English. 16-08-18
Levy Sugar Supply (Control) Ammendment Order,2018 - Hindi. 14-08-18
Levy Sugar Supply (Control) Ammendment Order,2018 - English. 14-08-18
Supreme Court Judgement rejecting SLP By Delhi Govt. 14-08-18
High Court Judgement on DVAT. 14-08-18
Monthly Release Order Of August 2018. 30-07-18
Sugarcane Control Order Ammendment In Hindi. 26-07-18
Scheme For Financial Assistance To The Sugar Mill For Ethanol. 19-07-18
Press Note-Cabinet Approves FRP By Sugar Mills For 2018-2019. 18-07-18
अधिकतम सुरक्षा धुरी भार - सडक परिवहन और राजमार्ग मंत्रालय. 16-07-18
Monthly Release Order July-2018 29-06-18
Revised Mill Wise Allocation Buffer Stock. 29-06-18
Scheme for Assistance to Sugar Mills. 25-06-18
Non Requirement Of Sign & Stamp On Shipping Bill Registration. 22-06-18
Shipping Bill - Signature And Stamp of LEO Officer. 22-06-18
Ministry of Consumer Affairs,Food & Public Distribution-Maintenance of Buffer Stock Notification 15-06-18
Essential Commodities Act 1995 Amendment. 07-06-18
Intra-State Movement Of Good-Exemtion of E Way Bill. 07-06-18
MMTC To Export Two Lac MT Of Sugar 07-06-18
Sugar Price 07-06-18
Minimul Sales Price 07-06-18
Monthly Release Order Of June 2018 07-06-18
Revised Allocation Of MIEQ Quota. 09-05-18
Scheme for Assistance to Sugar Mills. 09-05-18
Implementation of e-Way Bill for Inter-State Movement of Goods 21-03-18
Amendment of GST ACT 2017, Tax Invoice For Export. 23-10-17
S.O. 3093 (E) / Ess. Com/ Sugarcane -The Sugarcane (Control) (Second Amendment) Order, 2016 30-09-16
Sugarcane (Control) Second Amendement Order, 2018. 30-09-16
S.O. 2787 (E) -The Sugarcane (Control) (Amendment) Order, 2016 24-08-16
The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2006 16-06-66
G.S.R. 912 / Ess. Com/ Sugar – The Sugar (Control) Order, 1966 10-06-66

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