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Sugar Process

Pure Cane Sugar starts with sugar cane that is harvested and transported to Imperial Sugar’s refining facilities. That’s where the refining process starts. When it comes to sugar processing, the term “refined” means “to purify.”

How is sugar made:

  1. First the cane is shredded, mixed with water and crushed between rollers to extract the juice.
  2. The extracted or clear juice is evaporated to a syrup stage, bleached by sulphur dioxide and then sent to vacuum pans for further concentration and sugar grain formation.
  3. Crystals are developed to a desired size and the crystallized mass is then dropped in the crystallizers to exhaust the mother liquor of its sugar as much as possible. This is then centrifuged for separating the crystals from molasses. The molasses is re-boiled for further crystallization.
  4. Thus, the original syrup is desugarised progressively (normally three times) till finally, a viscous liquid is obtained from which sugar can no longer be recovered economically.
  5. This liquid, which is called final molasses, is sent to the distillery for making alcohol.
  6. The sugar thus is separated from molasses in the centrifuge is dried, bagged (50 Kg and 100 Kg), weighed and sent to storage houses.
  7. Sugar is made in different sizes and accordingly classified into various grades I.E. large, medium and small.
  8. Granulated white sugar continues to a refinery where it is combined with naturally occurring minerals to strip away impurities. It is washed, filtered through carbon and any non-sugar ingredients are removed. The refined sugar is then further processed into granulated form, dried and packaged.


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