105 new licenses issued for Khandsari units

Lucknow: Under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P. Yogi Adityanath, State Government is committed for timely cane supply of farmers to sugar mills and to make timely cane price payments to the farmers. Constant efforts are being made to improve the arrangements in this direction. In this regards, the direction given Hon’ble Cane minister Sri Suresh Rana to promote farmers’ Rural Industry, Khandasari and Gur Udhyog, the required minimum distance of 15 km from the sugar mills gate has been reduced to 7.5 km, which resulted that for the first time in the last 25 years, 105 new licenses of Khandasari units have been issued, and this will add to 27,850 TCD Crushing capacity will be created. Which is be nearly equal to the crushing capacity of Six Sugar Mills.

For the establishment of steam boiling process, the decision will be taken by Deputy Sugar Commissioner within 3 working days by analyzing the merits of the application submitted by the unit owner. Khandsari units will be allowed to evaporate the juice till maximum of 65 degree of syrup brix under vacuum boiling, for this the permission will be granted by Deputy Sugar Commissioner and he will take the decision within 3 working days on submission of the application. Gur (jaggery) making units will be free from license. If the Gur making units wants to obtain khandsari license then they will have to submit a separate application for this. For getting a new khandsari license, online application may be submitted on portal www.upkhandsari.in. The competent authority will take decision on online application within 100 hours of submission.

While giving above information Cane and Sugar Commissioner, Sri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said that due to New Khandsari Licensing Policy 2018-19, in last 25 years for the first time 105 licenses of khandsari units have been issued. These units will crush 27,850 T.C.D. This policy will encourage the industrialist to established abundant number of Khandasari and Gur units in the rural areas. These units, along with the consumption of sugarcane will generate new employment opportunities and means of additional income in rural areas which will further strengthen the rural economy.

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