110 sugar mills commence cane crushing in Maharashtra


Pune: Crushing operations in Maharashtra has begun, and the pace of crushing is picking up in the state. According to the latest crushing report of the Maharashtra Sugar Commissionerate, in sugar season 2019-2020, as on 11th December 2019, 110 sugar mills (62 cooperative mills and 48 private mills) have commenced sugarcane crushing in the state and by crushing 63.04 LMT sugarcane produced 57.14 lakh quintals of sugar with a recovery rate of 9.06 per cent.”

Sugar mills in Maharashtra have officially kick-started sugarcane crushing season on November 22 after they got permission from state Governor BS Koshyari in the absence of a functional state government.

A total of 195 sugar mills participated in sugar season 2018-2019 and produced 107.19 lakh tonnes of sugar at a recovery rate of 11.26 per cent by crushing 951.79 lakh tonnes of sugarcane.

Sugar production in Maharashtra will be impacted in this season 2019-2020 as the state had been gripped with drought and flood.



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