141 sugar mills commence crushing operations in Maharashtra

The sugarcane crushing season in Maharashtra has picked up with 141 sugar mills commencing the operations till November 16. These include 68 cooperative mills and 73 private mills. The mills have produced 97.18 lakh quintal sugar by crushing 112.52 lakh tonne sugarcane with a recovery rate of 8.64 per cent.

In the Kolhapur division, 29 sugar mills have started cane crushing operations and produced 30.79 lakh quintal sugar so far.

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), sugar production in India till 15th November, 2021 in the current season is 20.90 lakh tonnes, as against 16.82 lakh tonnes produced last year on 15th November 2020. As compared to 289 sugar factories which were crushing sugarcane last year on 15th November, 2020, 308 sugar mills are crushing sugarcane on 15thNovember, 2021 this year.


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