149 sugar factories commence cane crushing season till November 5


New Delhi: According to the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd. (NFCSF), with the onset of sugarcane crushing season, as many as 149 sugar factories across the country have, till November 5 this year, crushed 54.61 lakh tonnes sugarcane and have produced 4.25 lakh tonnes sugar. This is 3.20 lakh tonnes more than last year’s sugar production during the same period.

Last year, only 39 sugar factories had started by this date and had crushed 12.86 lakh tonnes cane and had produced 1.05 lakh tonnes of sugar. The average sugar recovery at the national level has recorded 7.82 per cent (as on November 5 this year ) which is 0.38 per cent less than the same period last year.

Despite the onslaught of retreat rains during the first fortnight of October, Maharashtra has taken the lead in crushing sugarcane in the current season as its 61 factories have produced 1.65 lakh tonnes new sugar by crushing 23.57 lakh tonnes sugarcane with average 7 per cent sugar recovery, as on November 5. Considering the estimated volume of sugar diversion for ethanol, at the end of the season, Maharashtra’s net sugar production is expected to be 95 lakh tonnes, an increase of 33.30 lakh tonnes over 61.71 lakh tonnes achieved last year.

Maharashtra is followed by Karnataka where it’s 18 mills have crushed 15.61 lakh tonnes of cane with an average of 8.65 per cent sugar recovery have produced 1.35 lakh tonnes of new sugar. At the end of the season, 43 lakh tonnes sugar is estimated to be produced by Karnataka. New sugar production is estimated to be 8 lakh tonnes more than last year’s production of 35 lakh tonnes.

In Uttar Pradesh, 50 mills have crushed 9.41 lakh tonnes of sugarcane and have produced 80,000 tonnes of new sugar at an average recovery of 8.50 per cent. By the end of the season, 123 lakh tonnes of new sugar is expected to be produced, which would be 3.35 lakh tonnes less than last year’s record sugar production of 126.35 lakh tonnes. Thus Uttar Pradesh continues to be the largest sugar producer on National sugar map.

Gujarat’s 13 mills have started & have crushed 2 lakh tonnes cane to produce 10,000 tonnes new sugar at an average recovery of 5%. End season estimated sugar production from Gujarat would be 10 lakh tonnes against last year’s production of 9.30 lakh tonnes.

Tamil Nadu is on a recovery path with 4 mills having started their crushing season have crushed 4 lakh tonnes cane & have produced 35,000 Tonnes new sugar at an average recovery of 8.7%. End season estimated sugar production from Tamilnadu would be 7 lakh tonnes.

Season in all other states is in the process of starting. Production numbers of these states would be covered in our next fortnightly report.

“At the start of the season, with a opening stock of 107.18 lakh tonnes and the addition of 311 lakh tonnes new sugar, the total availability during the current season goes up to a record 418.18 lakh tonnes. Although 260 lakh tonnes of sugar out of it can be used for domestic purposes, at least 50 to 60 lakh tonnes sugar needs to be exported. And the National Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories (NFSF) has taken up the matter with the concerned ministry. The Union Minister for Food and Public Distribution Mr. Piyush Goyal will be holding an important interactive session with the captains of the sugar industry next week to discuss the key issues facing the industry. This will help the government in taking certain positive measures, “said Mr Prakash Naiknavare, Managing Director, NFCSF.

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