2023-24 season: 40 sugar mills in Karnataka end sugarcane crushing operations

Fourty sugar mills have closed operations in Karnataka this season till February 29, 2024, coinciding with a decline in sugarcane crushing, sugar production, and sugar recovery rates in the state.

According to data from the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF), the crushing season for 2023-24 is ongoing in 36 sugar mills across Karnataka, and 468.72 lakh metric tonnes of sugarcane have been crushed, resulting in a sugar production of 45.70 lakh metric tonnes. Notably, Karnataka is witnessing a lower sugar recovery rate this season, standing at 9.75%, compared to the 10.10% recorded during the same period last season.

Out of a total of 76 sugar mills that participated in the crushing season in Karnataka, 40 mills have already closed operations. In the previous season, during the same period, 74 sugar mills had participated, with only 25 mills closing down.

NFCSF data shows that as of February 29, 2024, 462 sugar mills across the country are operational in the 2023-24 crushing season. These mills have crushed 2559.64 lakh tonnes of sugarcane and produced 254.70 lakh tonnes of sugar. Out of the 533 sugar mills that participated in the crushing season, 71 mills have now closed their operations.



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