32 licensees caught selling liquor at rates more than the printed MRP


Lucknow: Mr. Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy, Principal Secretary Excise, has issued strict instructions that no any liquor can be sold over the fixed MRP by any licensee. In this sequence Shri P. Guruprasad, Excise Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh has informed that departmental officers were directed to investigate the sale of liquor at rates higher than the prescribed MRP. After the opening of liquor shops from 04.05.2020, total 32 cases of over-rating have been caught till 11.05.2020.

The Excise Commissioner has also informed that a Special Enforcement Drive is being conducted against illegal liquor in the state from 25-03-2020. During the drive, 127 cases have been registered in the state on 11-05-2020, in which 2786 Litre illegal liquor was seized. Instructions have been given to the Departmental Preventive Officers to take effective actions on manufacture, sale, transport and smuggling of illegal liquor and to ensure the sale of liquor at the fixed MRP fully complying with the social distancing at excise shops.

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