Government helped to increase crushing capacity of 38 sugar mills: Amit Shah

Kushinagar: Union Home Minister Amit Shah fiercely criticized the previous SP and BSP governments. He stated that the former SP-BSP governments systematically shut down five to six mills in Kushinagar.

Speaking at an election rally held at Udit Narayan PG College grounds in Padrauna, the Home Minister said, “Our government has restarted 20 closed sugar mills in the state. During the BSP regime, 19 sugar mills were shut down. Under Akhilesh Yadav’s tenure, 10 sugar mills were closed. We have not only reopened closed sugar mills but also established five new ones. Additionally, the crushing capacity of 38 sugar mills has been increased.”

The Home Minister highlighted that the reopening of sugar mills has led to an increase in sugarcane cultivation area by nine lakh hectares. “From 1995 to 2017, SP and BSP governments only managed to pay 23,000 crore rupees for sugarcane. However, after the BJP government came into power in 2017, payments amounting to 2.5 lakh crore rupees have been made till 2024. After becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi introduced the ethanol policy. Earlier, Uttar Pradesh produced 42 crore litres of ethanol. Today, Uttar Pradesh produces 156 crore litres of ethanol. By implementing the 20 per cent ethanol blending rule, Prime Minister Modi has not only reduced the import bill for petrol and diesel but also ensured money is sent to our farmers’ homes,” said Shah.


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