45 lakh litres of ethanol produced by 34 sugar mills: Minister

Belgavi: This season 45 lakh litres of ethanol has been produced by the 34 sugar mills in the state and the government is taking steps to share the profits earned by millers from the sale of ethanol with the sugarcane farmers, said Shankar Patil Munenkoppa, Minister for Sugar and Textile, in the Council on Tuesday, reports The New Indian Express.

He was replying to the question raised by MLC Ramesh and Prakash Rathod over the cane farmers. They asked the government why the cane price in Karnataka is below Rs 3000 per tonne while it is Rs 3,500 in Punjab, Maharashtra, Telangana, UP and other states.

“Other states have implemented the State Advisory Price (SAP) bills that allow them to pay more. And a similar bill is yet to be passed in Karnataka, the state has implemented Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) which is being obeyed by all mills,” he said.


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