45 lakh metric tonne sugarcane damaged in Kolhapur division


Kolhapur: Sugarcane producing farmers have faced nature’s wrath due to recent floods which have damaged 45 lakh metric tonne of the crop in Kolhapur division which includes 30 lakh tonne from Kolhapur district and 15 lakh tonne from Sangli district.

Sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad conducted a meeting of representatives of private and co-operative sugar mills on Friday to discuss the present scenario of the crop. Earlier, it was estimated135 lakh tonne sugarcane production in Kolhapur, which is now reduced to 105 lakh tonne. The cane production forecast in Sangli district decreased to 67 lakh tonne from 82 lakh tonne.

During the meeting, the millers urged that less affected sugarcane should be taken up for crushing immediately. For this, sugar mills from Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Pune districts have demanded to start crushing season early. Also, it has been discussed that if mills in state delays in operation then Karnataka, where sugarcane crop damaged because of flood, can buy fresh sugarcane from Maharashtra’s sugar mills. So this will ultimately affect the sugar mills in the state.

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