700 people dead, over 2000 injured in Israel as Hamas attack continues for 3rd day

Tel Aviv [Israel], October 9 (ANI): As Hamas terror groups continued their attack on Israel for the third consecutive day, at least 700 people have been killed and over 2000 injured and the numbers are expected to rise further, reported The Times of Israel.

Israel has declared a state of war on Sunday when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Hamas, claiming that it had begun a terrible war and that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) would use all of its strength to undermine their capacity.

According to the Government Press Office, a body that operates under the Israeli PM’s office noted that over 100 people have been taken as hostages in Gaza.

Moreover, Hamas and Islamic Jihad on Sunday night said that they have been holding some 130 Israeli hostages and claimed that this includes high-ranking army officials, the Times of Israel reported.

Following the announcement by the Israeli PM, noting that the country is at war, Israeli jets carried out “intense” airstrikes on targets in Gaza on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, according to the reports by Jerusalem Post Senior Military and Intelligence Analyst, Yonah Jeremy Bob, the IDF has undertaken 1149 airstrikes on Gaza as of Monday morning, marking a jump of around 800 since Sunday midday, reported The Jerusalem Post.

Additionally, there are still six ongoing fights with Hamas in Israeli villages on the Gaza corridor, his report added.

Moreover, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer told CNN in an interview that the death toll was “well north of 600 people,” adding, “There will probably be more hundreds, several hundred more.”

In a retaliatory move against the Hamas attack in Israel, the Israel Air Force on Monday attacked various buildings where the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas was staying, along with several operational headquarters.

According to the Israel Air Force, the air force also attacked a headquarters spread over an area of three floors and a headquarters associated with the senior Hamas naval force, Muhammad Kashta.

Moreover, the Air Force also destroyed an operational asset used by the terrorist organization, which is located in the heart of a mosque in the Jabaliya area. (ANI)


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