79 per cent households in Afghanistan suffer water shortage: Survey

Kabul [Afghanistan], December 12 (ANI): Around 79 per cent of households in Afghanistan reported severe water shortage, making it challenging for the people to consume clean and safe water, Khaama Press reported citing a survey of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Over the years, drought and other problems have caused water shortages in the country.
“The problem of lack of water is serious and UNICEF would help Afghanistan in addressing the problem. Bringing clean, safe water to 9 million people the following year is a priority for the organization,” the spokesperson of UNICEF Afghanistan, Salam Al-Janabi said, as per Khaama Press.

Meanwhile, Afghan households also are concerned about the lack of water in the country. According to some residents in Kabul, the water level has seriously dropped down and most wells have dried, giving them fresh headaches to supply clean water.

Drought and a scarcity of water have become a new difficulty for ordinary people to contend with in these challenging economic times.

Hunger, poverty, unemployment, security, and a lack of access to adequate healthcare and education have already had a negative influence on people’s lives.

Furthermore, failure to supply safe and sanitary drinking water, according to healthcare professionals, would spread numerous diseases among individuals, particularly youngsters in rural locations, Khaama Press reported.

Due to plunging groundwater levels, several provinces of Afghanistan have been facing a critical issue of availability of potable water as a lack of drinking water has become a challenge for Kabul residents.

Notably, the excessive use of water has led to as big as a 50 per cent drop in groundwater levels in Kabul since the start of 2022, reported Khaama Press. (ANI)



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