95 sugar mills close crushing operations in Uttar Pradesh


Bijnor: Sugarcane crushing season in Uttar Pradesh is in the final phase as around 95 sugar mills have closed operations.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, according to data available with the cane department, though the sugar mills have paid off Rs 24,606 crore to 40 lakh farmers, so far, they still owe Rs 11,754 crore to the growers.

Farmers claim that they are under financial stress as they are unable to take sowing for the next season due to a lack of funds. The government has not increased the SAP for sugarcane in the last few years has increased the problems.

Rajendra Singh, national president of Azad Kisan Union said, “Farmers don’t have money to look after cane crops for the next crushing season. The government has failed to clear the cane dues of farmers and also failed to increase SAP for cane in the last few years.”


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