Unique initiative of the Department of Cane Development to encourage ‘young sugarcane farmers’ in state-level Cane productivity competitions


Lucknow: In compliance of the order of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath to link Cane farming to entrepreneurship and to connect the youths to their roots, Hon’ble Minister of Sugar Industry and Cane Development, Shri Suresh Rana has given instructions to provide self-employment to the young generation by connecting them with Sugarcane farming. In compliance of this Cane Development Department is working to motivate the young sugarcane farmers of the state for sugarcane cultivation and to infuse competitive spirit in them for increasing per hectare yield of sugarcane. To encourage young Farmers a new category ‘young sugarcane farmer’ has been included in the category of Cane competition awards from the year 2021-22. Comprehensive guidelines have been issued by the Cane Commissioner in this regard, for the successful, effective and transparent operation for the state level cane productivity competitions.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Shri Bhoosreddy said that the Department of Cane Development is continuously making efforts through departmental schemes and activities to increase the income of sugarcane farmers. In the sequence of these efforts, this category has been included under the State Cane competition, which will increase the interest of young sugarcane farmers in Cane farming as well as the use of innovative techniques. As a result of good production the income of young sugarcane farmers will increase, so that their family will be able to live financially and socially dignified life. He told that, presently the youth are migrating to the cities for small jobs, in place doing agriculture because the youth feels the agricultural work is not respectable. In this regard, the Department of Cane Development has taken a unique initiative to connect the youth with sugarcane farming. The Cane Commissioner will establish communication with these young sugarcane farmers.

He also informed that from the upcoming competition year 2021-22, the prize money of the winning farmers under the State Cane Competition has also been increased. Now under the State Cane competitions, the farmers will receive the first, second and third prize of Rs.15,000, 10,000 and 7,500 respectively for five categories i.e. Ratoon, Early plant, General plant, Drip irrigation method for irrigation and Young Sugarcane Farmer.

The Cane Commissioner also informed that a intensive awareness campaign will be conducted among Cane farmers to participate in Cane production competitions. Under which promotion of Cane competitions will be conducted by the regional officers through Paintings, posters, boundary-wall writing, daily newspapers and seminars. So that the sugarcane farmers can be made aware in a large number to participate in the sugarcane productivity competition. It is also noteworthy that the farmers are selected for the state level productivity award on the basis of the maximum average yield per hectare obtained after harvesting the sugarcane crop under the supervision of the designated officers.




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