AAP objects sale of sugar mill in Odisha

Odisha: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Sambalpur has voiced its opposition to the government’s proposal to sell the Bargarh Sugar Mill, reports UniIndia.

The AAP members argue that the mill is currently profitable and plays a important role in providing direct income to farmers. They contend that selling the mill is not in the best interest of the farmers.

In response, the AAP members have submitted a memorandum to the district collector outlining their demands and concerns. Bhawani Prasad Sahu, a member of the party, emphasized that the mill has a cane crushing capacity of one lakh MT sugarcane, directly benefiting the farmers.

The opposition by the AAP comes after the government floated a notice for the sale of the mill. AAP members allege that despite the market price of the mill being around Rs 300 crore, the government intends to sell it at an unreasonably low price, which they consider to be a “throwaway price.”



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