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3.5M Visitors

We are ChiniMandi.com, a dedicated news and information marketplace for sugar, ethanol and the agri-commodities industry. Founded in 2018, we have grown to have over 3.5 million readers from 212 countries today. Our vision is to be a unified forum for the sugar, ethanol and agriculture industry to have a fiercely independent voice that helps in building better public policy, advocacy, and framework for growth of the entire sector.

ChiniMandi is a hub of and for the individuals involved at various strata of the current sugar industry. Our mission is to create forums and events to help the entire industry gain access to the relevant information at their fingertips, thereby raising awareness and bringing the global industry closer by the day.

We take utmost pride in becoming India’s Largest Portal delivering market information, real time news, value adding opinions from experts, reliable data, advocacy for favorable policy and many more. To reiterate our vision and the commitment to the sugar industry; we factor in every stakeholder from farmers, millers, policy makers, traders, buyers, research houses and many more.

The biggest advantage; by being news and information centric, it bridged the gap between all of its stakeholders’ communication within this small sector. Eventually helping the entire Sugar industry in being more customer focused and aiding to its rapid and continuous growth.

Flagship Products

ChiniMandi Portal

ChiniMandi.com provides an array of information right from Worldwide News, Interviews, Information about Sugar, Government Notifications, Statistics, Sugar Prices, Markets, Sugar Tender Reports, Monthly Release Orders and Events.

SEIC Conference

As the sugar industry’s largest conference in India, Sugar & Ethanol India Conference (SEIC) organized by ChiniMandi has become a premier event to connect industry experts, millers, traders, brokers, policymakers in the sugar and ethanol industry.

SEIA Awards

The SEIA Awards are the Oscars of the international sugar & allied industry to honour innovation | adaptation | sustainability of global achievements and excellence in the sugar industry.

Founder & CEO

Uppal Shah

Uppal Shah

Mr. Uppal Shah started ChiniMandi.com in 2018 for uplifting the sugar industry. Being a serial entrepreneur and tech savvy person, Uppal wanted to use technology for the benefit of the sugar and allied industry. His vision pushed ChiniMandi to become an integral part of the sugar industry in India and worldwide.