Action initiated against vehicles carrying sugarcane without reflectors

Kolhapur: The city traffic department has initiated a drive against the sugarcane carrying vehicles that are found transporting it without installing reflectors.

Since the beginning of the crushing season, the district has witnessed an increase in road accidents due to the cane carrying vehicles as the commuters find difficulty in spotting these vehicles during night time on roads due to not installing reflectors on them. The city traffic department has so far fined 14 tractor operators since the beginning of the drive.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, a police official from the city traffic department said, “It is mandatory for the sugarcane carrying vehicles to install illuminating reflectors on the front and rear side of the vehicles. Before the start of the crushing season we had conducted meetings with the sugar mill operators and they had agreed to ensure that the reflectors to be fitted on the vehicles. We have also conducted awareness sessions with the transporters and providing them with suitable reflectors as well.”



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