Action to be taken against sugar mills crushing below their rated crushing capacity

Lucknow: Commissioner Cane and sugar Sri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy directed all the Nodal Officers, Deputy Cane Commissioners and District Cane Officers to review the crushing of sugar mills and directed the offices to take strict action against the sugar mills which are crushing less than 92% of their rated crushing capacity.

Giving information in this regard Sri Bhoosreddy said that at present the time for sowing of wheat and Rabi crop is going on, In such a situation, to make available the vacant fields to the farmers, It is necessary that all the sugar mills should work at their full capacity to crush as much sugar cane as possible so that the farmers can timely sow their Wheat and other Rabi crops in the vacant fields.

The cane commissioner has given directions to all the concerned officers to identify the sugar mills crushing less than 92% of their rated crushing capacity and take legal action against them after issuing notice in this regard.


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