Advancement of crushing season in Karnataka won’t impact mills in border areas of Maharashtra

Kolhapur: The Karnataka government’s decision to advance the start of the sugarcane crushing season to October 25 is unlikely to have an impact on mills situated in the border areas of Maharashtra, according to P R Patil, the chairman of the Maharashtra Federation of Cooperative Sugar Mills, as reported by The Times of India.

In Maharashtra, the sugar cane crushing is scheduled to commence on November 1, a delay prompted by a shortage in sugarcane production this year, a decision taken by the state government. Previously, the Karnataka government had allowed cane crushing between November 1 and 15, offering relief to mills in Maharashtra’s border regions, as farmers had shown a preference for sending their produce to the neighbouring state.

However, with the advancement of the crushing season in Karnataka, concerns have arisen among millers about a potential decrease in the supply of sugarcane, as farmers may now opt to send their produce to Karnataka.

Patil told the Times of India that we recommended to the state government that millers should be permitted to start crushing from November 1, taking all factors into account. Karnataka is currently experiencing a shortage of workers, primarily due to the festive season. Dasara, a major festival, extends over several days in Karnataka, during which workers do not engage in any job. By the time harvesting begins in Karnataka, the same will be happening in Maharashtra.


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