After Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand farmers expect hike in sugarcane purchase price


After the cane price hike by the Uttar Pradesh government, the farmers in Uttarakhand also expecting that the state government will raise the cane purchase price. In the state, farmers had demanded to increase the sugarcane price ahead of the upcoming crushing season.

As per a news report published in, Uttarkhand may consider hiking sugarcane purchase price.

On Sunday, ahead of the assembly polls, the Uttar Pradesh government had raised the sugarcane purchase price by Rs 25 per quintal. The government has decided that the variety of sugarcane for which Rs 325 per quintal was paid to farmers, that price has been increased to Rs 350. The government has also decided to increase the price of ordinary sugarcane variety, to Rs 340 per quintal up from Rs 315 per quintal.

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