After withdrawal of retreat rains, sugar season starts in India

According to the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited, the retreat rains lingering in the main sugarcane growing states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh having been completely withdrawn, the new sugar season has commenced in the States of Maharashtra & Karnataka. The cane crushing operations in Uttar Pradesh & rest of the cane growing states would kick off in a week’s time.

Sugar Year 2022-23 [October 22 – September, 23] is estimated to have 3600 Lakh Tons of sugarcane for crushing & is projected to produce gross 410 Lakh Tons new sugar. Out of this 50 Lakh Tons is expected to be subsumed in Ethanol production, while 270 Lakh Tons will be consumed domestically. If one adds 55 Lakh Tons as opening stock of sugar & anticipated exports of 85 Lakh Tons, the estimated closing stock as of 30th September, 2023 of 60 Lakh Tons would be sufficient to meet 2.5-3 month’s domestic consumptions.

It is forecasted that the sugarcane crushing season might be extended till the month of May or even few days of June in some states where cane area and cane productivity both are projected to be increased due to prolonged rain in major growing areas of the country.

We attach herewith the State-wise updated status of number of mills having commenced crushing, cane crushed, sugar produced, sugar recovery attained and estimated final production compared with data of the corresponding period of last year.


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