Agri Commodity Watch: Sugar Extends Slide


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The Agriwatch Agri Commodities Index declined 1.41 per cent to 104 during the week ended March 24, 2018 from 105.49 the previous week led by the continuing slide in the Sugar Index (99.74) which has now fallen to its lowest level since January 2016. The base for the Index and all sub-Indices is 2014 (= 100).

Seven of the nine commodity group sub-Indices and 18 of the 29 individual commodity sub-Indices that constitute the Index declined this week.

The commodity group sub-Index values and their weekly changes are: Cereals: 109.72 (-1.71 per cent), Pulses: 102.73 (+0.46 per cent), Onion & Potato: 65.67 (-1.51 per cent), Edible Oils: 109.97 (-0.64 per cent), Oilseeds: 104.48 (-0.28 per cent), Spices: 111.72 (+1.94 per cent), Sweeteners: 99.15 (-3.62 per cent), Fibres: 97.56 (-1.43 per cent) and Other Non-Food Articles: 85.40 (-1.11 per cent).

SOURCEEconomic Times


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