Ahmednagar: 25 sugar mills start sugarcane crushing operations

The pace of sugarcane crushing has gained momentum in Maharashtra, although the production of sugar is lower compared to the previous season. In the state, the Pune region leads in sugar production, followed by the Kolhapur region, with the Solapur region in the third position and the Ahmednagar division in the fourth.

As per the data from the Sugar Commissioner’s office, by December 18, 2023, a total of 25 sugar mills in the Ahmednagar region have commenced crushing, including 14 cooperative and 11 private mills, processing around 40.84 lakh tons of sugarcane. The region has produced 34.45 lakh quintals of sugar so far, with the average sugar recovery at 8.44 percent.

Solapur region in Maharashtra has the highest number of sugar mills, with 45 mills initiating the crushing season. By December 18, 2023, the division had crushed around 69.73 lakh tons of sugarcane, producing 54.87 lakh quintals of sugar, with a sugar recovery rate of 7.87 percent.

Conversely, the Amravati region has the least number of sugar mills that have started crushing. Only two mills in the Amravati region have commenced the season.

Overall, as of December 18, 2023, a total of 191 sugar mills in Maharashtra have begun crushing, including 93 cooperative and 98 private mills, processing approximately 316.48 lakh tons of sugarcane. The state has produced around 270.34 lakh quintals (27.03 lakh tons) of sugar, with an average sugar recovery rate of 8.54 percent.


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