Airbus ready to invest in India to accelerate, push SAF production

New Delhi: Airbus has expressed its willingness to invest in India to expedite the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), according to Julien Manhes, head of SAF at the European planemaker, reported Business Standard.

Manhes stated in an interview with Business Standard that while Airbus does not intend to become a fuel producer, it is ready to contribute funds to accelerate SAF projects. He cited the example of Airbus’ collaboration with Qantas Airways and the Queensland government in Australia to invest in a biofuel production facility.

Manhes noted that India has the potential to develop a new industry for biofuel production, particularly SAF, not only for domestic consumption but also for export to regions like Europe and Oceania. He emphasized the role of the government in facilitating the growth of the SAF market in India and highlighted the need for regulatory support to drive widespread production and consumption of SAF.


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