Ajit Pawar meets Nitin Gadkari to discuss ban on ethanol from sugarcane juice

Nagpur: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar stated that he recently met Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to discuss the Centre’s ban on using sugarcane juice or syrup in ethanol production, reported PTI.

Speaking to reporters, Pawar emphasised that while the issue needs to be addressed at the Central level, he plans to meet Union Minister Amit Shah soon to further discuss the matter.

The Centre recently imposed a ban on the use of sugarcane juice and sugar syrup for ethanol production in the 2023-24 supply year to ensure sufficient sugar availability for domestic consumption and control prices. However, the government has permitted the use of ‘B-molasses,’ a by-product of sugarcane, for ethanol production in the same period.

Acknowledging that the matter requires attention at the Central level, Pawar expressed the need to visit Delhi and meet with Union Minister Amit Shah and other relevant authorities. He stressed the urgency of addressing the issue, considering that many sugar mills have made substantial investments in ethanol plants with a significant proportion of funds borrowed externally.

The ban on ethanol production from sugarcane syrup has raised concerns, with Pawar characterizing it as “sudden.” The deputy chief minister’s efforts to engage with Central authorities underscore the significance of finding a resolution to mitigate potential challenges faced by sugar mills and related stakeholders.


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