Alertness of Cane Department and district administration, saved cane crop from damage by locust


Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said that to save the sugarcane crop from locust outbreak, the alertness of the district administration and departmental officials saved sugar cane crop from damage. Officers and employees of the sugarcane department and district administration visited the villages continuously and spray tankers and insecticides were arranged for control of locust in all sugarcane-dominated regions and districts of the state to thwart the grasshopper attack. The farmers were also made aware to remain alert and take adequate precautions.

Giving information on the measures taken by the department, Shri Bhoosreddy, said that the locusts have not yet arrived in the districts of Saharanpur but still all arrangements have been made in view of possible arrivals and 1,786 spray tankers are available for spraying insecticide. As locusts arrived in the Bulandsher district of Meerut division, 196 teams were deployed to control them and 1,568 spray tankers and more than 4,000 liters of chloropyriphos, imidachloropid insecticide is available for spraying. The locust outbreak arrived in Rampur district of Moradabad division, for which 780 spray tankers and 16,976 liters of chlorpyrifos are available. Pamphlets have also been distributed in all these regions of western Uttar Pradesh to create awareness among farmers for locust prevention.

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