Amravati: One sugar mill commences crushing operations

Sugarcane crushing season commenced in Maharashtra. Till November 4, 75 sugar mills have started operations in the state.

Crushing operations have received a lukewarm response in the Amravati region as only 1 mill has started the season.

Sugar mills in the state have produced 24.69 lakh quintal sugar by crushing 31.73 lakh tonnes of sugarcane with a recovery rate of 7.78 pr cent.

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), Maharashtra’s cane area has gone up by about 11% in 2021-22 SS, from 11.48 lakh ha. in 2020-21 SS to 12.78 lakh ha in 2021-22.

SW monsoon rainfall in the State has been very good, also accompanied by sufficient water availability in the reservoirs in almost all the regions in the State. Ratoon cane availability is higher than plant cane, and hence yield per hectare is expected to be slightly lower as compared to last year. Based on above as also field reports, estimated sugar production is expected to be about 122.5 lakh tonnes in 2021-22 SS, without considering diversion into ethanol.



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