Amroha: Sugarcane Farmer Friend Clubs to be formed in sugar mill areas

Amroha: A Sugarcane Farmer Friend Club will be set up in the areas of the sugar mills. The farmers will be provided with information on increasing sugarcane production and other farming-related issues.

According to DCO Manoj Kumar, the Cane Farmer Friend Club will be formed after the Lok Sabha election code of conduct is lifted. The Senior Cane Development Inspector will be the president, while the GM of the sugar mill will be a member. Employees of the Cane Department and sugar mills will also be made members.

Progressive farmers will be connected to the club and will be given information about modern sugarcane farming and intercropping techniques. Regular meetings will be organised with cane farmers. Emphasis will be placed on intercropping with sugarcane to increase farmers’ income. It was mentioned that intercropping with sugarcane is being practised in several districts, improving farmers’ economic conditions. Additionally, the club will raise awareness about the diseases affecting sugarcane crops, their identification, and prevention measures.


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