Andhra Pradesh: TDP stages protest against state govt demanding fair MSP for farmers


Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh), Dec 10 (ANI): Telugu Desam Party under the leadership of its chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday staged a protest near state Assembly, demanding minimum support price (MSP) for farmers’ crop that was promised by Jaganmohan Reddy-led state government.

Carrying onions, palm and groundnuts with them, the farmers alleged that the state government is neither providing MSP for their agriculture produces nor procuring them. Speaking to ANI, former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Naidu said: “In Andhra, farmers are suffering as there is no purchase and no MSP for their crops. All farmers are worried. Even after cultivation crop is ready, nobody is there to buy the crop, which is the biggest challenge.”

He said the Andhra government had promised Rs 3,000 cr for MSP but not a single penny has been spent so far. “Both consumers and farmers are suffering and bleeding,” he added.
On Monday, Naidu along with his party leaders had staged a protest against the sharp increase in onion prices.

They wore onion garlands around their necks and protested at the fire station near the state secretariat in Venkatapalem village here.

The TDP leaders had also carried a big onion model while a weighing scale, with gold on one side and onions on the other, was also seen at the protest to suggest that the vegetable has become a precious commodity with the skyrocketing prices.

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