Area under cane cultivation in Uttar Pradesh increases

Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh: The sugarcane cultivation area in Uttar Pradesh has seen a rise from 28.5 lakh hectares in the previous year to 29.1 lakh hectares this year, marking an increase of 60,000 hectares, reports The Times of India.

Also new sugar mill is coming up in Noorpur, which is scheduled to commence operations during the 2023-24 crushing season. Moreover, efforts are underway to augment the crushing capacity of dozens mills.

According to VK Shukla, the Additional Cane Commissioner, the adoption of an improved payment system for farmers’ dues has encouraged more farmers to engage in sugarcane cultivation. Previously, most mills focused solely on sugar production from sugarcane. However, the landscape has shifted, with ethanol units now also involved in the production of ethanol. In UP, a few mills are making ethanol directly from cane juice.


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