Ayodhya: Engineer killed in turbine blast at sugar mill

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh: In a tragic incident on Monday, an engineer lost his life in a turbine blast at a sugar mill in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The victim, identified as 38-year-old Vipin Singh, served as an electrical engineer at the mill, reported The Times of India.

The blast, occurred in afternoon, not only claimed Singh’s life but also triggered a fire. The incident caused panic and chaos among workers and farmers who had gathered with tractor-trolleys to deliver sugarcane.

Ratan Kumar Sharma, the in-charge of Pura Kalandar police station, reported that the explosion resulted in widespread smoke and flames. Immediate action was taken, with the fire department dispatching five fire tenders that successfully brought the blaze under control within two hours.

As per media report, the sugarcane-crushing operation was in full swing when the blast transpired. The preliminary investigation revealed a technical fault in the power supply, causing a disruption to the electricity supply for two electric motors. Vipin Singh, who was addressing the issue, met a tragic end when an overload in the power generation plant led to the fatal blast.

Following the incident, Singh was swiftly taken to the district hospital, where he was declared dead.

As per news report in TOI, VM Mishra, the General Manager (Personal) of the mill, confirmed that the turbine, installed in 2005, was undergoing routine maintenance when it encountered a snag.

Mishra elaborated on the technical glitch, stating, “The computer controlling the turbine got hanged, triggering a spark that ignited the machine. The resulting blast caused the turbine to burst.” He further mentioned that the ongoing crushing season, recently commenced, has been temporarily halted due to the unfortunate incident.

An investigation has been initiated to ascertain the cause of the snag and the subsequent turbine blast, as authorities seek to understand the circumstances leading to this tragic event.


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