Badayun: Demand for the expansion of Shekhupur sugar mill

Badayun, Uttar Pradesh: In a meeting held in Lucknow, MLA Mahesh Chandra Gupta and Bilsi legislator Harish Shakya discussed the outstanding payments of sugarcane farmers associated with Yadu Sugar Mill and expansion of the cooperative sugar mill in Shekhupur. The legislators met with the Sugarcane Minister, Laxminarayan Chaudhary, to address the concerns, reported Live Hinduatan.

They highlighted the antiquity of the Shekhupur sugar mill, emphasizing its insufficient capacity and the imperative need for its expansion. He expressed the difficulties faced by sugarcane farmers in the district and urged for the comprehensive expansion of the Shekhupur sugar mill. Additionally, he underscored the substantial outstanding dues of millions owed to sugarcane farmers associated with the Yadu Sugar Mill, urging swift payment to alleviate their financial burdens.

Responding to these concerns, Minister Chaudhary assured Gupta that the pending payments to sugarcane farmers would be expedited. He also affirmed that measures would be taken to initiate the expansion of the Shekhupur sugar mill. The minister acknowledged the financial challenges faced by farmers and pledged to address them promptly, emphasizing the expeditious resolution of outstanding payments and the necessary actions for the enhancement of the Shekhupur sugar mill.


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