Bajaj Auto showcases a diverse range of cleaner fuel vehicles at the Bharat Mobility Expo

Bajaj Auto, a prominent participant at the Bharat Mobility Expo in New Delhi, is presenting a comprehensive range of vehicles capable of running on various cleaner alternative fuels, including ethanol blends, CNG, and electric power, according to autocarpro.

The display features six vehicles, including two motorcycles, a scooter, passenger and cargo three-wheelers, and the Qute quadricycle.

Dominar E27.5: A variant of the Dominar 400 touring motorcycle utilizing a 27.5% ethanol-petrol blend. Pulsar NS160 Flex: An eco-friendly version of the popular Pulsar motorcycle designed to run on both ethanol and petrol. Flex-fuel technology enables the engine to intelligently utilize a mix of ethanol and gasoline, with variability based on customer preferences. These vehicles align with the Government of India’s initiatives on ethanol-blended and ethanol fuels.

Bajaj Auto’s electric scooter, the Chetak Premium, experiencing robust demand in the market, is the featured electric vehicle (EV) at the expo. The Bajaj RE E-Tec 9.0 for passengers and Bajaj Maxima XL Cargo E-Tec 12.0 for cargo are recently launched electric three-wheeler variants, complementing the high-selling Maxima ICE three-wheeler. India’s first Auto Taxi, the Bajaj Qute, is a 4-seater hatchback for commuters, available in LPG and CNG variants. Running on cleaner and more cost-effective alternatives to gasoline, the Bajaj Qute offers superior range, an all-weather monocoque body, and attractively lower operating costs for an affordable and comfortable commute.

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director at Bajaj Auto, expressed,

“This is an excellent opportunity to showcase some of our innovative mobility solutions not only to customers but also to all stakeholders, including policymakers, vendors, and collaborators. Our technology and manufacturing capabilities are utilized to delight customers in India and in over 90 countries where we operate. The showcased range has been carefully selected to demonstrate our dedication to not just conventional fuel-based options but also to newer and cleaner alternative fuels, aligning with societal goals.”


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