Bajaj Auto unveils Ethanol-powered Pulsar NS160 Flex and Dominar E27.5

Indian two-wheeler giant Bajaj Auto stole the spotlight at the recent Bharat Mobility Expo 2024 with its showcase of flex-fuel motorcycles, the Pulsar NS160 Flex and Dominar E27.5, reported Mint

Although Bajaj Auto has not disclosed the launch timeline for these motorcycles, they have attracted attention for their adaptation to run on ethanol-blended petrol.

The specific ethanol-blended petrol capacity of the Pulsar NS160 Flex remains undisclosed, creating anticipation among enthusiasts. Conversely, the Dominar E27.5 has been designed to function on a 27.5 percent ethanol-petrol blend, a technology already adopted in over 35 countries, including Brazil.

Of significance is the retention of the same aesthetics in these flex-fuel versions as their conventional counterparts, maintaining the familiar look that resonates with the Indian market. The current pricing for the Pulsar NS160 is ₹1.37 lakh, while the Dominar 400 is tagged at ₹2.30 lakh, both ex-showrooms.

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director at Bajaj Auto Ltd., expressed enthusiasm about the expo, emphasizing its role in displaying innovative mobility solutions to various stakeholders, including customers, policymakers, vendors, and collaborators. He underscored Bajaj Auto’s dedication not only to conventional fuel-based options but also to cleaner alternative fuels, aligning with societal goals. With technology and manufacturing capabilities extending to customers in over 90 countries, Bajaj Auto continues to adapt in harmony with the changing landscape of the automotive industry.


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