Balrampur Chini planning to increase ethanol production capacity

Balrampur Chini Mills is planning to increase ethanol production capacity, said Pramod Patwari, CFO of the company, reports Cnbctv18.

The ethanol production capacity of the company for FY24 stands at 35 crore liters, according to Patwari. There is a need to increase the capacity to achieve the desired target of 20% blending.

“We need larger capacities to achieve 20% ethanol blending by 2025-26 that can be produced from juice root. We need the government to incentivize the setting up of distillation capacity by providing slightly higher prices for juice-based ethanol,” he said.

The company is expecting ethanol production to be around 21 crore liters by FY23. The company is planning to increase ethanol production to meet the government’s 20% ethanol blending target.


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