Bangladesh: Allegation on Joypurhat sugar mill to cause water pollution


Joypurhat: The farmers residing on the bank of Tulsi Ganga river in Joypurhat district claim they are facing problems due to the industrial pollution from the Joypurhat Sugar Mill. They alleged that water stretching five kilometres of river has turned completely dark. The pollution has resulted in the death of fishes and hampered irrigation on the bank of the river.

Anowar Hossain Akand, managing director of the mill, has denied the allegation and stated that the matter should be verified before blaming sugar mill.

The residents have alleged that the water from sugar mill mixing in the river has led to river pollution and they are not able to use the water for daily needs.

Akand refuting the allegation said, “We first dump the waste in a pond inside the factory. Then the water flows through a channel to the Tulsi Ganga river.”

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