Bangladesh: Darshana Carew & Company stops operations due to cane shortage

The Darshana Carew & Company Sugar Mill had to stop cane crushing operations due to a shortage of cane, reports Dhaka Tribune.

The mill was operating for more than 42 days in the ongoing season. The mill began operations on December 23 last year and produced 3,884 metric tons of sugar by crushing 62,000 metric tons of cane during its operation period.

According to officials, the mill produced 2,270 metric tons of sugar by crushing 46,937 metric tons of sugarcane in 42 days.

The shortage of sugarcane has forced the mill to suspend its operations, said Muhammad Saiful Islam, general manager (GM, finance) of Carew & Co. The company will have to bear a loss of Tk 60 crore to 65 crores, he said.

For the first time since the setting up of the mill in 1938, it closed operations after crushing for 42 days.

In the last 6-month period (July-December) the company has earned a record Tk232.96 crore from selling alcohol in the country.

The ban on importing foreign liquor helped in increasing the sale of alcohol.


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