Bangladesh ensures availability of sugar during Ramadan


Ahead of the Ramadan festival, the government has taken several steps to ensure the availability of sugar.

Md Arifur Rahman Apu, chairman of the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC) said, “We have around 44,000 tonnes of sugar in the stock and it will be supplied to the markets through dealers in the open market.”

Apu made these comments while addressing a virtual press briefing on a “special programme of the BSTI to control product quality during Ramadan and keep the price of sugar stable in the market,” organised by the Ministry of Industries.

“Loose sugar will be supplied at Tk 63 per kg and packaged sugar will be sold at Tk 68 per kg. Sugar will not be sold above Tk 75 at the retail market,” he said.

According to a Trading Corporation of Bangladesh, the sugar is sold at around Tk 70 in the retail markets.

According to BSFIC, the annual need of sugar for Bangladesh is around 18 lakh tonne including 3 lakh tonne sugar consumed during Ramadan.
BSFIC provides only 50,000 tonnes of sugar per year and private sector supplies the remaining 17.5 lakh tonnes.


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