Bangladesh: Farmers in Barishal opt for sugarcane cultivation


The favourable growing conditions have resulted in an increase in the sugarcane cultivation in Barishal district of Bangladesh. According to the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), the sugarcane farmers in the region have witnessed profit due to the use of proper methods of cultivation. The hike in sugar production is benefitting the cane farmers, said the officials from the department.

As per DAE data, about 105,900 tonnes of sugarcane will be harvested from 2,288 hectares of land across the region in season 2020-21 that will directly benefit around 50,000 families.

The six districts from the division had produced 104,410 tonnes of sugarcane from 2,266 hectares of land last year.

Ganesh Dutta, vice president, Barishal Fruit Wholesalers Association said that sugarcane farmers are earning good profit as compared with last year.

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