Bangladesh in action to stop illegal sugar imports

Bangladesh is actively taking steps to curb illegal sugar imports, aiming to strengthen border controls and enforce strict regulations. Recent efforts include crackdowns in border areas and increased surveillance to prevent the entry of smuggled sugar through unauthorized routes.

A total of 254 bags of sugar were confiscated from the border area of Gowainghat Upazila in Sylhet, reported Bangladeshi media.

According to Md Touhidul Islam, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), a covert operation took place on Sunday afternoon in the Tamabil Sona Tila area of Purba Jaflong Union, following a tip-off.

Saidul Islam, District Assistant Commissioner (Land), who led the operation, stated that it was prompted by reports of illegal sugar imports through unauthorized routes from another country.

Saidul mentioned, “The seized foreign sugar, totaling 254 bags from various local residences, was auctioned off for Tk 1.18 million in the presence of customs officials.” He also affirmed that the Upazila administration will maintain efforts to combat smuggling across the border.


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