Bangladesh: It will take three to four years to replace existing sugarcane varieties, says miller

Mubarakganj Sugar Mill Limited (MSM) in Bangladesh has exceeded the target of 1,30,000 metric tonnes (MT) supply during this crushing season. The mill has already crushed 1,32,000 MT of sugarcane in 86 days since the commencement of crushing season from December 7 last year.

The mill had planned to operate for 92 days and the mill authorities expect to crush 5 MT sugarcane in next six days.

The mill has set a target of producing 9,840 tonnes of sugar with 8.0 per cent recovery, said Director (MD) of MSM Md. Anwar Kabir. The mill has already produced 6,800 tonnes of sugar till now and expected to produce 7000 tonnes this season. The lack of achieving the set target is due to the not so good varieties of sugarcane.

According to the reports, the sugarcane variety invented by Bangladesh Sugar Research Institute (BSRI) few years also is giving less output and there is a need to take up new variety to increase recovery. Kabir said, “Even if we take initiative to replace the existing varieties it will take three to four years to do it.”

As per,, the sugarcane varieties released by the Bangladesh Sugar Crops Research Institute (BSRI), Ishurdi, Pabna, Bangladesh in the recent years are BSRI Akh 42, BSRI Akh 43, BSRI Akh 44 in the year 2014, BSRI Akh 45 in the year 2016, BSRI Akh 46 in the year 2016.

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