Bangladesh: Low-income people to get sugar at reduced price


Low-income people are the worst affected from the Covid-19 in Bangladesh. Now, the government has come to their rescue by providing essential commodities at affordable rates.

To help the poor during a lockdown and ahead of Ramzan, the government will provide oil, lentils and sugar through Open Market Sale (OMS) trucks of the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) from today. The TCB said the OMS programme would continue till July 29, except for the Eid holidays.

In a notification released yesterday, TCB said, “Soybean oil would cost Tk 100 per litre, lentils Tk 55 per kilogramme (kg) and sugar Tk 55 per kg.”

As per the notification, each customer can buy 2 to 4 kg of sugar, 2 kg of lentils and 2 to 5 litres of soybean oil at a time.

The step taken by the government comes at a time when the daily wage-earners are suffering due to no jobs, and financial crisis.



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